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The 3 Keys to Hair Volume

Big, beautiful, voluminous hair is all the rage right now, and we want in! What better way to rock your back to school look than by adding some much-needed volume to your hair before the school year starts again. From Blake Lively to Rita Ora, some of our favorite celebrities have been rocking some voluminous looks recently, so we asked some of our resident beauty gurusto share their insider tips and tricks on how to increase your hair’s volume.

1. Use a Mousse With Muscle

When you were younger, you probably played with your mom’s hair products and found that if you put enough of her gooey mousse on your wet hair you could make your hair look curly. Crunchy, but curly. Hopefully, your friends quickly talked you out of this phase of wet looking micro-curls. But you shouldn’t avoid mousse forever. A good mousse will give your hair some much-needed volume without weighing it down or making your hair look wet or slimy.

Mousse™ Volumizing Foam, for example, is a mousse that has the power to give your hair boost and shine without weighing it down. For full, textured, or curly styles, Mousse™ Volumizing Foam is the perfect support product. The soft foam delivery provides natural volume, while still being touchable. Mousse™ Volumizing Foam is an exceptional volumizer with a firm hold. The alcohol-free formula leaves hair moist and healthy, yet as full as possible.

2. Roll It Up

We love creating big volumized curls, but getting them can be tricky. We’ve found that the trick to creating waves and curls that are big and full of volume is to either use a high quality flat iron when you’re on the run, or hot rollers when you have more time to prep. What’s not to love? With hot rollers, you can roll your hair and then continue your morning routine while your hair sets. Pack your lunch, do your makeup, or brush your teeth all while giving your hair a volumized punch.

Hot rollers are perfect for everyone from beginners to pros; there’s not much work or consideration that needs to be given to use hot rollers, simply heat them up and go at it. Rolling your rollers away from your face will result in red carpet curls whereas rolling towards you face will create more of an intimate, soft feel. Go ahead and experiment with placement and duration until you find the combination that works the best for you.

3. Find The Products That Work For You

Sometimes what our hair needs is some extra lift that it can’t get from shampoo and conditioner alone. We’ve already mentioned the Mousse™ Volumizing Foam, which we love, but there are a quite a few more products out there for those who have stubbornly flat hair. If you have thin hair, you many need to partener your Volumizing Foam with some of the below products to get the results you want.

Swell Volume™ Volumizing Treatment This unique, lightweight treatment transforms from lifeless to voluminous and full of body. Being infused with kaolin clay, this Volumizing Treatment will pump up the volume of your hair, leaving your looks noticeably fuller and shinier. Swell Volume™ Volumizing Treatment is a unique, deep volumizing treatment that imparts both moisture and protein into your hair. With a unique combination of grape extracts that produce polyphenols, tannins, and tyrosol, all of which are exclusive free radical scavengers, you’ll achieve noticeably fuller, shinier hair that does not fall flat after only one use. Volume Maximizer™ Volumizing Spray The Maximizer™ Volumizing Spray is a lightweight thickening spray that bumps up your hair’s volume by increasing the diameter of each hair shaft. It is particularly useful for those with fine hair. Additionally, this Volumizing Spray works excellently as a foundation for firmer hold products. With top of the line ingredients, this Spray decreases porosity on all hair textures with its light formula. Rootfix™ Root Lifter Mousse Root Lifter Mousse is a unique heat-activated styling product that builds hair volume at the root. Formulated with a blend of proteins, conditioning agents, and humectants, it fortifies and protects hair while adding lift, shine, and hold to any hairstyle. This multi dimensional product will provide a medium hold, with lots of volume and shine (and will assist in smoothing out frizz) so hair appears sleek, well-polished and perfectly “in shape” for any hair type, length, or texture.

Achieve The Looks You Want This School Year

Don’t let your dull and flat hair hold you back this year, get the big and voluminous hair you’ve always craved with these three keys to hair volume. For an even fuller look check out our entire collection. With VIBRASTRAIT, getting the hair you want is easier than ever before. Take your hair from flat to sleek this school year with VIBRASTRAIT.

5 Ways to Combat Dry Hair

Summer sun is something fun, but with fall comes the downfall of us all; dry hair! For some, Autumn brings colorful leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, and puffy vests. But for others, the crisp and dry weather of the fall turns your gorgeous sun-kissed locks from dramatic to dry in the span of only a couple of weeks. At VIBRASTRAIT we believe that when it comes to combating dry hair, the best offense is a good defense. When you use the best shampoo and conditioner for dry hair partnered with damage fighting styling products and habits, you can say hello to fall without saying goodbye to your hair’s healthy summer glow.

1. Use the Best Shampoo

Make your shampoo work for you with the rejuvenating Cloud 9™ Restoring Shampoo. Designed to restore weak, dry, over-styled hair, this nutrient-rich formula penetrates deep into the hair shaft to heal cracked, dry, vulnerable strands and bring them back to life. This reparative cleanser is formulated with a special blend of healing nutrients, fortifying plant proteins and UV protectants, leaving hair feeling soft and healthy.

Cloud 9™ Restoring Shampoo is designed to nourish, strengthen and restore damaged, weak and vulnerable hair. Being sulfate-free, color safe, and paraben-free makes this restorative shampoo perfect for any hair type, length, and texture. Massage Cloud 9™ Restoring Shampoo into your wet hair and feel as your hair is rejuvenated with hydrolyzed wheat protein, sunflower seed extract, and hydrolyzed keratin. Lather and rinse and enjoy healthy, and beautiful hair the whole day.

2. Partner Your Shampoo With the Best Conditioner

Give your hair what it needs with the Cloud 9™ Restoring Conditioner. This luxurious conditioner has been created to bring life back to your dry and over-styled hair by penetrating deep into your hair’s makeup to restore and rejuvenate from within. Heal, dry, cracked, and damaged strands with just one wash.

Used as a daily conditioner, you’ll find that your hair has more body and shine after using the Cloud 9™ Restoring Conditioner. With this powerful formula more is less, apply a small amount of Conditioner to your hair and then thoroughly massage the conditioner from your scalp to your ends and leave on for 2-5 minutes. Rinse away and enjoy healthy, well-hydrated hair.

3. Select a Hairspray That Does More

Most hairsprays leave you and your hair feeling tacky and weighted down after use, but not the Brocato Moveable Hold Hairspray. This flexible hold aerosol hair spray will keep your hair brushable and workable even after multiple applications. With special ingredients that protect hair from harsh daily stressors, this Hairspray truly is the perfect finishing spray to complete your look.

The Brocato Moveable Hold Hairspray is specifically designed for use on wet or dry hair. It can be used repeatedly while building a style without getting too firm and stays brushable. Brocato’s Blended Protein Attraction System will strengthen and protect your hair from the outside elements that lead to dry and damaged hair. Use this versatile Hairspray on wet or dry hair to achieve looks that last!

4. Switch to Satin

Hey girls, if you’re looking for a reason to buy satin sheets here it is! Satin sheets may be beautiful to look at, but they can do so much more than just adding some style to your bedroom. Using a satin pillowcase can make a big difference for your dry and damaged hair. Traditional pillowcases made of cotton or flannel might feel soft, but as far as our hair is concerned, they’re pretty rough. These rougher fabric create more friction when between your hair when your hair runs over the fabric, leading to breakage.

By using a satin pillowcase, you’ll let your hair gently glide over the surface of your pillow, leading to less breakage. While not necessary for your hair’s health, satin sheets can be partnered with your new satin pillowcases to bring some drama and flair to your bedroom. Glide your way to healthier hair with a satin pillowcase.

5. Eight Glasses a Day Keeps Dry Hair Away

Your mom might actually know what she’s talking about when she tells you to drink more water. Most of us already know that drinking the right amount of water every day will help with having healthier skin, boost your metabolism, and improve your overall health, but did you know that drinking eight cups of water a day can keep hair dryness away? Your hair can be thought of just like any other part of your body. It’s made of cells that run on water, so when you’re not drinking enough the results could be directly reflected in your hair. Try getting your eight cups a day in to repair your hair’s health and keep it from drying out.

4 Insider Hair Styling Tips

Hey ladies, school is back in session and VIBRASTRAIT is here to help you slay the game this school year. We know that mornings are rushed and you won’t always have the time for intricate styles, but with the right styling techniques you can keep your curls curly and braids tight, and help your look last the whole day. Go back to school in style this year with these easy to follow hair styling techniques and insider tips!

1. Use a High Quality Flat Iron and Protection

•All flat irons are not created equal. For example, every VIBRASTRAIT Flat Iron has an automatic shut-off safety feature, 360º Tangle-Free Swivel Cord, top of the line tourmaline ceramic plates, an 8-second rapid heat-up, and a comprehensive warranty. Know the features you want in a flat iron and then don’t settle for less! Your straightener can do so much more than straighten you hair. Say hello to the new you this year with these advanced straightener techniques.

•Here’s an insider tip; your hair shouldn’t be smoking when you use your flat iron! We love using hot tools to create fun and new styles, but we don’t love the damage that comes with frequent hot tool use. That’s why we’ve created some amazing heat protectants! Use the tools you want to get the styles you love without the damage you don’t with our easy to use Cloud 9 Hotshapes Heat Protectant. Goodbye damage, hello glam.

2. Multiple Passes not one Long damaging pass

•If you slowly pull your flat iron down your hair as you watch smoke curl out from between your plates you’re doing something wrong! With a high quality flat iron you’ll be able to achieve the look you want in fewer passes with direct heat. The VIBRASTRAIT ESSENTIAL for example can cut down on your styling time anywhere from 30-50%! If it ever comes down to it, opt for multiple passes as opposed to one long pass.

3. Achieve More Styles

•Using a straightener to straighten hair is a fast and easy way to achieve beautiful sleek looks that last the entire day. But did you know that you can use your straightener to curl your hair or create wavy styles? The secret to achieving these advanced looks with your straightener is to rotate your straightener. To achieve luscious curls, gently grasp your hair in your straightener and rotate your straightener 360º, then gently guide your straightener down the remaining section of your hair. For beachy waves, you’ll want to rotate your straightener 180º away from your scalp before gently pulling down the length of your hair.

4. Know How to Use Your Bobby Pins

•You may not know it, but you’ve probably been using bobby pins wrong your whole life; who knew? The most common mistake we see is people putting their bobby pins in upside down. See the bumpy part of the bobby pin? That’s the side that actually goes down. Those ridges are suppose to secure your hair to the opposite flat side of the bobby pin. Also, by putting your bobby pins in this way you won’t have any pieces of the bobby pin sticking out of your hair! It may seem like a small thing, but when you start using your bobby pins correctly you’ll see your styles last longer!

New Year, New You!

Make this year one to remember with VIBRASTRAIT! With our easy to use Flat Irons and products, anyone from beginners to pros can own the classroom this school year. What are your insider hair styling tips?

Are you already a beauty guru or beauty guru? Then check out our Affiliate Program! Our affiliates are a close-knit group of hairstylists, beauty advisors, and lifestyle bloggers who are passionate about helping our customers achieve gorgeous, healthy hair. If this seems like your kind of group then you’re in luck. We’re always looking to add passionate beauty lovers to our ever growing team of Affiliates. Enjoy any of the benefits below when you join our Affiliate Program today!

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The Secret to Stronger Hair

With everything we put our hair through, from styling and drying to chemical treatments it’s easy for our hair to become weak and damaged. At By Snap Agency / Haircuts & hairstyles,

4 Simple Steps to Repair Damaged Hair

Has your once luxurious hair turned dry, lackluster, or dull? Have you been noticing more split ends than normal? If you said “yes” to either of these questions you’ve probably been asking yourself; one, how did my hair get so damaged, and two, how can I repair my damaged hair?

How Your Hair Became Damaged:

You may be surprised to hear that many actions you perform in your daily life are contributing to your hair’s unhealthy state. While true that more drastic changes to your hair such as perms, extensions, or coloring can be big causes of damage to your hair, smaller everyday activities can also contribute to your hair’s decline.

Hot Tool Use

Hot tools are great; they can transform even the most stubborn of hair into manageable or stylish fashions. But, when you don’t take the proper steps to protect your hair from the direct heat associated with hot tools, or when you use the wrong type of hot tool on your hair then you can do far more damage than good. When you don’t use any product to protect your hair from losing moisture while styling your hot tool is liable to change the hydrogen bonds that hold your hair together. By frying the hydrogen bonds in your hair on a daily or even semi-regular basis, you can impart permanent damage on your hair.

Ponytails and Braids

If you have medium to long hair, you probably wear it up a fair portion of the time, especially in the summer. Nothing is more annoying than hair in your face while you’re working, exercising, or during a hot summer day. But those styles may be doing more harm than good; if you throw your hair up into a ponytail when you get home from work or before you fall asleep every night, we would strongly encourage you to rethink that habit. Tight ponytails and braids can cause hair breakage, especially if your hair is wet. Braiding hair while wet can lead to breakage even faster than while hair is dry due to the fact that wet hair is more fragile than dry hair.


If you’ve ever seen or heard the story of Rapunzel than you’re probably familiar with the “100-stroke” myth. This odd myth has been perpetuated by movies, books, and pop culture for years. The “100-stroke” myth leads listeners and readers to believe that if you brush your hair with 100 strokes, your hair will take on a beautiful, almost magic-like glow and shine. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Rapunzel is sadly wrong when it comes to hair care and hair maintenance. Over-brushing your hair can have serious adverse effects on your hair’s overall health and beauty. When you over-brush, your hair will suffer from split ends and breaking due to the constant friction created from your frequent brushing.

Excessive Shampooing

Shampooing is a normal part of almost all haircare routines, but did you know that there’s such a thing as too much shampooing? Shampoo’s role in your haircare routine is to remove oil and buildup from your hair. As you lather your locks, your shampoo is gently removing the day or a couple of days worth of product, oil, and dirt buildup from your scalp and hair, but when you shampoo too often, you run the risk of washing away your hair’s natural moisture. This moisture is what helps your hair remain healthy; without this natural moisture, your hair would be left dull, flat, and susceptible to breakage. Time should be invested in finding a high lather shampoo that’s gentle enough to protect your hair follicles while being strong enough to rid your hair of any buildup.

Damaged Hair Solutions:

Hot Tool Use

One possible solution to help keep your hair’s natural hydrogen bonds intact is to use a heat protectantor blowout serum that has been crafted to lock-in moisture with use. These products can help extend the life and beauty of your hair while enhancing its natural shine and health. Additionally, at Vibrastrait our heat protectants have been made to protect hair from both hot tool use and UV rays. This means that even if you skip the hot tools but spend the entire day out in the sun, your hair will have high-quality protection that will last the entire day.

Looking for a better hot tool? The VIBRASTRAIT ESSENTIAL and PRO Series Flat Irons have been engineered with revolutionary vibrating technology to craft a Flat Irons that could protect your hair while it styles. By vibrating 7,500 times per minute VIBRASTRAIT Flat Irons shuffle hair through its plates to treat more strands with each pass. This means fewer passes and less damage than you would receive with any other flat iron. Additionally, with our tourmaline ceramic calibrated vibrating plates your hair will receive even heat penetration while your Flat Iron works to seal in moisture. With variable heat settings the VIBRASTRAIT ESSENTIAL and PRO Series Flat Irons will work wonderfully for anyone with any hair type, length, and texture. Curly, wavy, or straight; whatever your preferred style is, a VIBRASTRAIT ESSENTIAL or PRO Series Flat Iron will deliver the look you want every time.

Ponytails and Braids

If you compulsively put your hair up before you go to bed, every day when you get home, or while you’re working it can be hard to break yourself of this habit. While we’d love to say stop wearing your hair up, not only will that eliminate an entire section of awesome updos but it also isn't practical. Those who have long hair are going to need to put their hair up from time to time. The secret to success when it comes to the up or down debate is all about balance. You are at home relaxing start trying to resist the urge to put your hair up. If you can’t resist the urge try creating a low ponytail; the same thought applies to braids, the looser the braid, the less damage will be done to your hair. Try to either adjusting your ponytails and braids to be loser or trying going without putting your hair up. After awhile you’ll get use to it, and your hair will thank you!


When it comes to over-brushing, the simple solution is to only brush your hair a reasonable number of times. Your want to continue brushing until all of the tangles and snarls are gone and then give it one or two more passes to tame it down. The quality of your brush can play a big role in your hair’s health and look. Using nothing but a bristle brush can lead to overworked hair, and using a cheap flat board brush can leave hair damaged. Try finding a mid level brush that detangles your hair without harsh tugging or unnecessary friction. Some Flat Irons such as the VIBRASTRAIT ESSENTIAL and PRO Series will work to untangle your hair while you style your hair, helping to cut down on the number of passes you need to make with your brush.

Excessive Shampooing

Finding the ideal number of times to shower per day can be difficult. Some people need to shower daily while others only need to wash their hair once or twice a week. Try to experiment with how often you go without washing your hair; and when you do shampoo and condition your hair to make sure that you are using high-quality shampoos and conditioners. For example, the Cloud 9 Miracle Repair Restoring Shampoo has been infused with revitalizing nutrients and plant proteins to restore hair naturally and to bring back its original body and luster. If your hair has been overworked through styling, give it the break it needs with Cloud 9 Miracle Repair Restoring Shampoo. This gentle cleansing shampoo not only helps to restore hair, but it also works to prevent further damage.

A Beginner's Guide to Hair Styling

Do you ever become a little overwhelmed by all of the intricacies involved with hair care? Do you find yourself questioning what products, tools, and techniques you should use? At VIBRASTRAIT, the health and care of your hair is our only concern. Our Innovative Hair Care Experts have over 20 years of combined experience in the NYC salon industry; this experience has led us to create an all new kind of hair care line.

The VIBRASTRAIT line, whether you’re using our Flat Irons or styling products, was designed to be used by anyone from beginner to pro. No one starts out as an expert; beauty gurus and professionals alike spent countless hours researching and practicing with their tools and products to get to the level they are at now. Want to rock your hairstyling skills and get close to beauty guru status? We’ve created a Beginner’s Guide to Hair Styling; this guide will tell you how to use your VIBRASTRAIT & Cloud 9 products to their fullest potential while giving you some great insider tips and tricks along the way!

VIBRASTRAIT Styling Products


Whether you use Cloud 9 Miracle Repair Restoring Shampoo once a day or once a week, we guarantee salon quality results every time. After thoroughly wetting hair in the shower, squeeze an apricot sized portion of Cloud 9 Miracle Repair Restoring Shampoo into your hand. Rub hands together to begin to work up a lather. Gently massage Cloud 9 Miracle Repair Restoring Shampoo throughout the entirety of your hair starting at the roots and working down to the ends. When finished, allow Cloud 9 Miracle Repair Restoring Shampoo to rest in your hair for a moment or two and then begin to rinse away.

Shampoo tips:

•Try to avoid putting shampoo on the ends of your hair every time you wash. Instead, gently work your shampoo into your roots and then allow the shampoo to rest for a few minutes.

•If your hair is color treated make sure you're always using sulfate-free shampoo.

•The quality of the water you use to shampoo your hair with can have a direct effect on your hair’s health. Water that is too hard may dry out your hair; if you have a water softener be sure to keep track of your water’s hardness levels. If you don't have a water softener, consider investing in a shower head made to soften hard water.

•If you suffer from dandruff, we recommend leaving your shampoo in for around four minutes. This will allow for the active ingredients and nutrients present in your shampoo to fully penetrate your scalp.


When it comes to conditioner, the secret to success lies in quality over quantity. If you use an apricot sized amount of shampoo then you should be using no more than a quarter sized dollop of conditioner.

For those with thin hair or hair that is easily prone to becoming oily, we recommend you work the Cloud 9 Miracle Repair Daily Conditioner into your hair starting from a few inches below your roots down to the ends of your hair. For best results leave your conditioner in your hair for 2-5 minutes before rinsing away.

Conditioning tips

•Try ringing out your hair before applying your conditioner. When you apply conditioner to sopping wet hair the water in your hair may dilute your conditioner, making it less effective.

•Do not over deep condition. Only deep condition once or twice a week (if your hair is dehydrated). Deep conditioning every wash can lead to the loss of essential natural oils and the deterioration of your hair’s natural resilience.

•Be weary of DIY hair masks. The VIBRASTRAIT Cloud 9 line use ingredients like Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, and Hydrolyzed Keratin; hydrolyzed means that these substances have been broken down small enough on a cellular level to be absorbed fully into your hair. If ingredients are not properly broken down, they can potentially have adverse effects on your hair.

Bonus: Drying Tip

•If your hair is prone to frizz you may want to use a T-shirt instead of a towel to dry your hair. Typically, towels create friction which may result in tangles and split ends. By using a t-shirt, you can avoid these harmful drying side effects.

Heat Protectant

•Cloud 9 Hotshapes Heat Protectant is a great addition to any beauty routine. For ideal results, apply Cloud 9 Hotshapes Heat Protectant into your semi-damp hair before blow-drying. Proceed to blow drying or styling as preferred. If desired, section hair into manageable sections before you begin styling, mist each section one by one before you start styling.

Heat Protectant Tips

•Apply a heat protectant before you blow dry while your hair is still wet. You can apply more after your hair has been dried if you feel it is needed.


The VIBRASTRAIT ESSENTIAL Series offers the ultimate in fast, easy styling. Designed for the college student, busy mom, or professional, these flat irons are the perfect styling tool for on-the-go use. Throw your VIBRASTRAIT ESSENTIAL in your gym bag or purse for quick touch ups or use it to transition your look from day to night. With two temperature settings- low (370º F) and high (410º F) - you can control the heat. We recommend the 1.5” plates for thick, medium to long length hair and the 1” for short to medium length hair.

The VIBRASTRAIT PRO Series offers the perfect blend of style and sophistication. The VIBRASTRAIT PRO Green Irons utilize vibrating technology to smooth and detangle your hair without the harsh direct heat associated with other tools. The VIBRASTRAIT PRO Irons can be set to any temperature between 190°- 450° and are ideal for all hair types. For styling fine, damaged and fragile hair, 190º is recommended. For very thin and easy to straighten hair, 370 F is recommended. 410º for normal to healthy hair, and 450º for curly, coarse and thick hair. We recommend the 1.75” plates for thick, medium to long length hair and the 1” for short to medium length hair.



1. Section hair into layers beginning at the base of your skull. Clip top layers away from the bottom layer for easy access.

2. Grasp hair gently with your VIBRASTRAIT Flat Iron and gently pull down. The vibrating motion will detangle as you straighten.

3. To deactivate the vibration function, press the power button once more.

4. When finished, press the power button for three seconds to turn off your straightener.

5. Unplug your VIBRASTRAIT from the socket and wait for the iron to cool.

Beach waves

1. Begin with small pieces of hair around the face. Use the VIBRASTRAIT Flat Iron to gently grasp hair ⅓ of the way down from your roots, then gently rotate the VIBRASTRAIT Flat Iron 180 degrees away from your face. Pull down and let the full hair length pass through the plates.

2. Continue the same process with the remaining sections of hair. Remember to alternate the direction you are rotating your hand for a more natural, beachy look. For pieces on the bottom layer of your hair, start the VIBRASTRAIT Flat Iron ½ the way down the length of hair.

3. To deactivate the vibration function press the power button once more.

4. After use, press the power button for three seconds to turn off your straightener.

5. Unplug it from the socket and wait for the iron to cool.


1. Section as preferred.

2. Gently grasp hair with the VIBRASTRAIT Flat Iron. Rotate 360 degrees, then softly pull the flat iron down the length of your hair until the entire length has passed through the plates. Alternate the direction you are rotating your hand for natural looking curls.

3. To deactivate the vibration function press the power button once more.

4. After use, press the power button for three seconds to turn off your straightener.

5. Unplug it from the socket and wait for the iron to cool.

Choosing the Perfect Iron for Your Hair

Are you tired of dull looking, lackluster hair, but don’t want to spend hours crafting the perfect look? Then you’re in luck! At VIBRASTRAIT we know that choosing the perfect iron for your hair can be a challenge - that’s why we've created our VIBRASTRAIT Flat Irons to have all of the features you need and none that you don’t. Our unique Straighteners are the ultimate upgrade in multi-purpose Flat Irons.

Questions to Ask Yourself While Debating Which Flat Iron is Right For You
  1. How often do you plan on using your flat iron?
  2. If you intend on using your flat iron only once or twice a week, rapid heat up time probably isn't going to be a priority for you. However, if you use your flat iron daily or even multiple times per day, such as between appointments, then having a flat iron with a rapid heat up time will become essential. There's nothing worse than wasting time while waiting for your flat iron to reach your desired temperature. At VIBRASTRAIT, we've engineered both our ESSENTIAL and PRO Series flat irons to have an 8-second rapid heat up time.

  3. Do You Need Any Safety Features
  4. Are you someone who remembers to turn your straightener off whenever you leave your home? If so, good for you. If not, don’t worry, you’re just like the most of the rest of us. With everything going on in our day-to-day lives it's easy to forget to do something as small as turning off your straightener before you leave the house, that's why we've built both the VIBRASTRAIT ESSENTIAL and PRO Series Flat Irons with an automatic shut-off. Both of our Irons will automatically turn off after 50 minutes of use. So even when you run out the door last second to catch your bus, make your appointment on time, or hook up with your friends, you can rest assured knowing that your straightener will turn itself off if you ever forget to do it yourself.

  5. What Kind of Plates Should Your Flat Iron Have
  6. Not all plates are created equal. The plates on a Flat Iron can be made from a variety of materials including silicone, rubber, titanium, tourmaline, ceramic, or iron. The higher-quality of the material used to make your plates, the higher-quality results your flat iron will yield. VIBRASTRAIT Flat Irons utilize high-quality tourmaline ceramic plates that provide even heat distribution and counteract frizz while sealing in moisture. We chose to use tourmaline ceramic as the base for our plates due to its ability to retain heat; meaning that once your VIBRASTRAIT Flat Iron heats up, it will stay hot and will continue to deliver even heat penetration. Due to the smooth nature of ceramic, the plates on the VIBRASTRAIT Flat Irons are less likely to snag and tangle your hair while in use. Additionally, Tourmaline was added to the VIBRASTRAIT Flat Irons to give your hair a sleek finish. Lastly, tourmaline is highly durable and will help your Flat Iron have a long and happy life.

  7. How Many Temperature Settings Do You Need
  8. Some straighteners will let you modify your temperature however you like, whereas others come with preset options. When considering what temperature to use on your hair, you'll need to think about the health and length of your hair. For thinner or shorter hair we recommend a lower heat setting, and for thicker or longer hair we recommend a higher heat setting. For example, those with thin hair should probably stay around 190 degrees, those with normal to healthy hair can probably stand to have their Flat Irons set to around 410 degrees, and lastly, those with thicker or coarse hair may want to use temperatures as high as 450 degrees. With the VIBRASTRAIT PRO Series, you'll be able to select whatever temperature you wish. The VIBRASTRAIT ESSENTIAL Series Flat Iron allows for either a low setting of 370 degrees or a high setting of 410 degrees to be chosen. If you want more control, we recommend going with the VIBRASTRAIT PRO Series. If you have healthy and relatively undamaged hair, you may want to go with the VIBRASTRAIT ESSENTIAL Series.

  9. What Additional Features Are Important To You
  10. Each different Straightener and subsequent beauty brand will have a claim to fame. For example, what sets VIBRASTRAIT apart from the crowd is our incredible vibrating technology. Our VIBRASTRAIT PRO and ESSENTIAL Series Flat Irons vibrate 7,500 times per minutes. This one-of-a-kind technology allows for our Flat Irons to detangle your hair as it straightens. Additionally, by vibrating, the VIBRASTRAIT PRO and ESSENTIAL Series Flat Irons treat more hair with each pass, which in turn will decrease your styling time by 30-50%! Below are some much beloved additional features that you may want to look for in your next flat iron. Choose one that’s most important to you, or try to find a flat iron that offers all of the below - the choice is up to you.

•LED Temperature Display

•360º Tangle-Free Swivel Cord

•Peek-A-Boo Display Window

•Rounded Edges For Soft Curls

•Lightweight Design

•Compact Design

•Heat-Free Sides Or Grabbing Points To Avoid Burns

Find The Perfect Iron for Your Hair With VIBRASTRAIT

With our two unique models, the VIBRASTRAIT PRO and VIBRASTRAIT ESSENTIAL, you can find the Flat Iron that is perfect for your at VIBRASTRAIT! Each of our Flat Irons comes with an easy to use warranty; additionally, when you register your new VIBRASTRAIT Flat Iron you’ll gain access to exclusive discounts, insider beauty secrets, and industry news. Questions, comments, or concerns? Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to help you find your new Flat Iron.

Protecting Your Hair From Heat Damage

When you think about protecting your hair from heat damage an image of a curling iron or flat iron probably comes to mind, but did you know that there are a plethora of other ways in which heat can damage your hair? At VIBRASTRAIT we make products that canprotect your hair from even the harshest heat, and we design our hot tools to include innovative features that allow for you to achieve your favorite styles without undue damage and harm.

Sun Exposure

While your skin will take on a pink or even red hue when you’ve exposed it to too much sun, your hair will give off a few more subtle signs to let you know that it needs a break from the summer rays. Just like your skin, when your hair is exposed to the sun for too long without any protection it can be damaged. And if you use any leave-in sun activated lightening treatments then you could be stripping your hair of essential nutrients and vitamins even faster than regular sun exposure. These sprays can lead to breakage and damage even faster than regular sun exposure. But if you love to lounge in the sun you can rest assured that there are ways to protect your hair while working on your summer tan.

So why does the sun damage our hair? Well, when your hair is overexposed to UVA and UVB rays, it can lead to the outer cover of your hair, the cuticle, being damaged. This damage usually presents itself as discoloration, dry or brittle strands, split ends, thinning, or frizziness. So how can you get all of the health benefits of a sunny day without the negative hair effects? Simple, try using the Cloud 9 Hotshapes™ Heat Protector. Our specially formulated Heat Protector is comprised of a special blend of healing nutrients, fortifying plant proteins, and UV protectants which are proven to leave hair conditioned and protected against UVB rays, while assisting in repairing already damaged hair. Body, bounce, and shine take over when using Cloud 9 Hotshapes™ Heat Protector!

Hot Tool Use

We love hot tools and the styles they can help us achieve! Whether you’re male or female, the right flat iron can take your hair from dull and lackluster to bouncy and luxurious. Additionally, hot tools are ideal for on-the-go use. If you only have a few minutes in the morning or a couple of spare minutes between appointments hot tools can either help you transition your look from day to night or revamp your morning styles.

When you don’t take the proper steps to protect your hair from the direct heat associated with hot tools, your hot tool is liable to negatively affect the hydrogen bonds that hold your hair together. By damaging the hydrogen bonds in your hair on a daily or even semi-regular basis, you can impart permanent damage on your hair.

By using a heat protectant or blowout serum, you will be able to lock-in your hair’s natural moisture while using your favorite hot tools while simultaneously enhancing your hair’s natural shine and health. A good heat protectant can help you to extend the life and beauty of your hair. Our protectants have been made to protect hair from both hot tool use and UV rays. So even if you skip the hot tools and spend the entire day out in the sun, your hair will have the high-quality protection needed to last the whole day.

But a flat iron is not the only tool we use while styling and maintaining our hair. To comprehensively protect your hair from heat damage, you should use some form of heat protectant when in the sun, using hot tools such as flat irons and curling irons, and while blow drying. Did you know that the direct heat from your hairdryer can often match the heat put out by your flat iron?

Cloud 9 Blowout™ Blow Dry Serum is the comprehensive heat protectant that your hair needs to stay healthy while being blow dried. This heat-activated serum will enrich your hair while blow drying, allowing for easier brush glide and improved hair tensile strength. Additionally, the Cloud 9 Blowout™ Blow Dry Serum will protect your hair from damage due to styling and leave your hair with a shiny, touchable finish.

Do the Things You Love Without the Damage

Whether you’re spending the day in the sun or using your favorite tools to create today’s hottest styles, if you don’t protect your hair from heat damage before you begin you will be negatively affecting your hair’s health and look. Why spend your days correcting the damage you created yesterday when you could keep damage from happening in the first place with VIBRASTRAIT? With only one use, you’ll be able to feel and see the difference a VIBRASTRAIT product can make for your hair.

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