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Our Vibrastrait Flat Irons have been crafted through years of dedication by some of the top minds in the NYC salon industry. With a combination of over 20 years experience, our team of hair care experts understand the importance of maintaining healthy, beautiful hair while creating today’s trending styles.

Our goal was to create a healthier hair styling tool. With our one-of-a-kind patented vibrating salon-quality flat irons, we’ve done just that. We worked with every hair type, ranging from coarse and long to short and fine, to craft the perfect styling tool for those who want today’s hottest looks- without the damage other traditional styling tools exhibit.

By implementing our unique vibrating technology into our flat irons, we have been able to create tools that minimize damage and help maintain the integrity of hair, all while reducing styling time by 30-50%. Our tourmaline ceramic plates are the only ones of their caliber to VIBRATE, which enables our flat irons to shuffle and protect strands as they glide… resulting in the smooth, gorgeous hair you've always wanted.

With the Vibrastrait ESSENTIAL and Pro series, anyone- from moms on the go to beauty gurus- will be able to achieve flawless looks that last the whole day. We have created the perfect blend of style and sophistication with these salon quality flat irons.

Thanks to our vibrating technology, our flat irons effortlessly glide through hair, which means that flat iron creases and crimps are a thing of the past! You can also say goodbye to harsh tugging and snagging. By shuffling hair through our tourmaline ceramic plates, Vibrastrait Flat Irons detangle as they straighten! Our Vibrastrait Pro Flat Iron can reach as low of a temperature as 190º and as high as 450º. Our flat irons can be set to whatever temperature works best for your hair type!

Both of our flat irons utilize unique vibrating technology to allow more hair to pass through their plates with each pass, meaning less time styling and more time doing what you love. No matter what your experience level is, we guarantee beautiful, easy to achieve results. Our vibrating tourmaline ceramic plates are an industry leading innovation. With calibrated vibrations, our Vibrastrait Flat Irons shuffle hair through their plates to help maintain hair’s integrity while simultaneously locking in moisture and giving hair a flawless finish. Our Vibrastrait Flat Irons also have unique sensors in each plate to ensure that the temperature of your flat iron stays consistent and self-regulates between passes. This technology allows for evenly distributed heat penetration.

Exciting features available in our Vibrastrait Flat Irons:

• High-Quality Tourmaline Ceramic Plates

• Innovative Vibrating Technology: Vibrates 7,500 Times Per Minute

• Combination of Heat and Vibration For Shiny, Frizz-Free Hair

• 360º Tangle-Free Swivel Cord

• Easy On/Off Vibration Setting

• Ideal For All Hair Types

• Eight-Second Rapid Heat Up

• Automatic Shut-Down After 50 Minutes Safety Feature


The Vibrastrait ESSENTIAL Series offers the ultimate in fast, easy styling. Designed as an easy-to-use, entry-level flat iron, this iron is perfect for anyone from college students to busy moms. The Vibrastrait ESSENTIAL flat iron is the perfect styling tool for on-the-go use. Due to its convenient size, you can throw it in your gym bag or purse and use it all day for quick touch-ups or to transition your look from day to night.

Here’s what people are saying about the Vibrastrait ESSENTIAL Series:

“Professional level product that works great with my very thick, coarse long hair. Can set temperature, heats up quickly and the vibration feature does seem to make a difference. I used another famous brand poor level iron for years that worked great and this one works even better!” -Ulta Customer Review

PRO Series

The Vibrastrait PRO Series offers the ultimate in control and performance. Where a traditional flat iron would straighten hair with damaging heat and harsh tugging, Vibrastrait Flat Irons smooth and detangle with gentle vibrations. Used by both professional stylists and beauty lovers, this dynamic tool is at the forefront of the healthier hair tool revolution. The Vibrastrait Pro Series has the capability of reaching temperatures anywhere between 190º-450º degrees.

Here’s what people are saying about the Vibrastrait Pro Series:

““This is the iron my stylist uses on my hair, and I thought there is no way I can do the same thing! When I saw my stylist's iron on sale.. I had to have it! Am not disappointed. I went from not knowing what I was making my hair look like I just walked out of the salon! it!” -Ulta Customer Review

“Let me first start off by saying that I have course, curly, frizzy hair. I have tried every flat iron there is to try, Chi, GHD, brazilian blowout iron, etc. This flat iron is by far the best! Yes, the vibrating was a little odd but you get used to it quickly and you can turn this feature off. I left it on and although I did not time it, I definitely took less time doing my hair with this iron vs every other one I have owned. I did section my hair (as usual) and it only took a single pass to straighten my hair! No other iron has done that, even the Chi single pass, that I just gave up for this! My hair was super soft and shiney - even the next day, I was good to go, did not need to touch up! I am considering purchasing a second one as back up! Love this!!!!!” -Amazon Customer Review

Smoother, faster, healthier- Vibrastrait.


At Vibrastrait, we stand behind the quality & integrity of our products. Made in accordance with the highest quality Korean beauty standards, we trust that our irons will last.... no matter what!

At Vibrastrait, we stand behind the quality and integrity of our products. Made in accordance with the highest quality Korean beauty standards, we trust that our irons will last, no matter what! Whether your Vibrastrait Flat Iron stays in your bathroom or crosses the globe with you, we have crafted our flat irons to stand the test of time. By locking in moisture while they straighten, our flat irons don’t split or leave ends frizzy. We’ve worked tirelessly to craft the perfect salon quality flat iron. We are so confident in our flat irons that we offer a one-year hassle-free warranty of our ESSENTIAL line, and a full three-year warranty on our Pro line.

Once you purchase a flat iron, we invite you to register it with us so that we can continue your Vibrastrait experience. By registering your new flat iron, you will allow us to authenticate your warranty and share exciting updates with you! You will be the first to hear about new insider Vibrastrait news and info.


Purchasing your Vibrastrait Flat Iron is only the beginning of your relationship with Vibrastrait. Our sister brands, Brocato and Supersilk, complement our flat irons perfectly. Receive salon hair care on your own time at home. All of our products have been crafted to integrate with each other seamlessly to give users beautiful, healthier hair easier than ever before.

What do all three brands have in common? Our committed to amazing hair, and we are all part of the same parent company - Beautopia. Often you will see Vibrastrait promoting Brocato, and Supersilk being featured with Vibrastrait. Or vice versa. So don't be confused if you see us all sharing in the love. We take pride in being linked with these other great beauty brands. We are part of the same tribe and love how our products complement each other.


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